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Now that your wedding day is here, what are you going to do to preserve your bridal gown for years to come?  Well, we have the answer!  Send your dress to Wedding Gown Preservation Company. Here’s how: 

Come in to “A Storybook Ending Bridal Salon” and purchase our shipping kit ($155 + tax..if you purchased your dress at our store, you will get 10% off this price).  Take it home and pack your gown in the box that is provided (No, you do not need to haul your gown into our store…you can do it all from home).  Fill out the paper work that is included in the kit and ship it off using the pre-paid shipping label that comes with it.  Your gown will be cleaned, treated with an anti-sugar treatment to prevent yellowing, and shipped back to you directly.  It comes back directly to you in a windowed box so you can see that it is your dress.  It’s that simple!

​ So, don’t put your dress on the back of your closet door after your wedding!  Get it cleaned, preserved and put away so that it can be a treasured keepsake for years to come. 

Our Atmosphere
When you visit our store, you will notice a very clean, organized store.  There are separate bridal viewing areas for our clients as well as a separate room dedicated solely to your bridal party’s needs.  We do ask you and your guest to remove your shoes at the door to protect the gowns and keep the interior of our store clean.  We also ask that no beverages of any kind be brought in to our store.  We hope you enjoy the friendly atmosphere of our store!

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